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Need A Mechanic? Here Is How to Pick One.

Posted on 28 April 2018 by admin (0)

If you own a car, it is probably one of the big investments you have. Like other machines, your car needs repair and maintenance from time to time. Regular maintenance of your car allows you to have a smooth ride on the road and extend the lifetime of your vehicle while reducing chances of breakdown. Whether you need routine oil change or body work after an accident, choosing the right mechanic is just as important as choosing a great doctor. With most mechanics claiming to be the best, finding a good auto mechanic can be challenging. Your car is a great asset that you should only allow a reputable and experienced auto mechanic to handle. Before you find yourself in a situation of urgency, compare several auto mechanics to find the one that suits your needs. Here are tips we garnered from Rick of Portland Mobile Mechanic to help you find a reliable mechanic.

Ask your Friends, Family and Neighbors

It is a smart idea to avoid choosing an auto mechanic under impulse. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a reputable auto mechanic. Ask your friends and family about their experiences with auto mechanics in your area. A referral from a friend or family will be an honest opinion of their experience with the auto mechanic. If you choose the auto mechanic they’ve had a positive experience with, you will probably experience the same too. This will help you save money and time and avoid a scam as well.

Shop Around

When your car has a problem, you are likely to be in a hurry to fix it. If you need your car to be fixed immediately, you will make a hasty decision to make sure you get your car back immediately. In this case, you will not easily consider receiving quality service at an affordable price. However, if you go shopping before you get into an emergency, you will be able to get an auto mechanic that will provide quality service at an affordable price.

Check Online Reviews

Your family and friends may not give you advice that cover all your options. Online reviews will give you an impartial on how the auto mechanic performs and relates with the customers. Visit the review sites and get the customer experiences posted. Check for the reviewers’ overall impression without basing on a single review.

Balance price and convenience

Although you may want an auto mechanic that has affordable rates, don’t just choose the cheapest choice. A reliable auto mechanic will always work effectively with no surprises on costs and time. Choose the auto mechanic that will provide quality service at an affordable price within your convenience.  

Ask the right questions

As a customer, you have the right ask the auto mechanic for credentials. You don’t want to trust your vehicle with anyone who isn’t certified. The auto mechanic should have certifications such as the Automotive Service Excellence(ASE) certificate and have several years of experience. They should also provide extended warranties and customer guarantee as well.    

Get estimates

If your car needs auto repair, get estimates from several good auto mechanics. This is more important if you don’t have a regular auto repair shop that you use. Let the estimates be written to ensure only necessary services are enlisted.