Have you heard about Nintendo eShop codes?

Well when we mention Nintendo we all get nostalgic as we grew up with this company, I still remember when I used to visit a friend who had a Nintendo, we always played a couple of big titles back them but, the happiest day of my life in that time of course was, when my dad bought me my first Super Nintendo, of course I had to fight to play it with my brother and sister back in the days, but this definitely brings tears to my eyes.

Moving forward we are going to talk about the free eShop codes, providing information about them and relevant information you will find useful, please join me and discover this amazing information.


What is Nintendo?

We are going to go with some history here, is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company with their headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. They are one of the world’s largest video game company who saw the light on September 23rd of 1889, but before dedicating to games in the early stage they produced handmade hanafuda playing cards trying different niches doing their best to be successful in the business.

A lot of people are not aware of the meaning for Nintendo, but according to a proper investigation taking the translation consideration from Japanese to English we can say it means “leave luck to heaven” as they started working hard with that philosophy.

Nintendo is a big company now, not only on Japan but in USA as well, the company have a huge success in gold titles like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Smash bros, etc.

Is Nintendo kids and adult friendly?

Absolutely yes!! This company has a lot of famous title specialized for being family oriented, that everybody can really enjoy at home, parents and children will have a pretty good time sharing those moments with the family.

One of the strongest point of Nintendo, they are known for the simple and fun games, the company has a lot of different consoles from the regular to hand held and more. Always providing an option, even for those consumers who are extremely demanding while playing.

What is Nintendo eShop?

Well we must start first with basic, Nintendo eShop is a digital distribution service managed and directed by the same Nintendo network for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U created on June 2011, this is like Steam for PC as it allows you to download digital games, apps, etc.

Regarding about the currency depending of the country the company accept dollars or Euros as well, in case you need more options credit cards and prepaid cards from official stores approved are fine as well.

Nintendo eShop codes

The Nintendo eShop codes and not only them, Steam, PSN, Xbox, etc. these codes are a format that will allow you to download different merchandise, like products or any special deal the company is having, but to make it more clear we will list what normally can be purchased which are:

  • Characters.
  • Games.
  • Clothes.
  • Stages.
  • Colors.
  • Apps.
  • Experience points.

The codes will unblocked the regular programming of the game, allowing to obtain any good listed above, there are different places where you could get some codes as well.

I want my Nintendo eShop codes, where to get them?


We all love to have a free code, especially for Nintendo as they have a huge catalog of games, apps and funny stuff to buy. This will save us time, emotional peace of mind and keep to our favorite game, but not only Nintendo all the companies who provide codes online for the video games have the same politics, as this not only represent a thread to them but money loss as well, the best way to follow is websites who proclaims you will get free games, keep in mind nintendogamecheat.com for Nintendo eShop codes.

I always recommend following the company by their official website or social media like Twitter and Facebook, the community manager or the social media manager will always create post or information, most of the cases you need to compete in a survey or contest to gain some free access.

Some official partners or magazine who are related to the company provide free codes for the Nintendo but they will be limited as a lot of people will want to grab a code or two for the favorite games from nintendogamecheat.com.

There are special deals as well even you could buy a digital card that could bring some discount in other for you to get special good rates on any items you are putting your eyes on.

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